SGM Agence

Crofton Moore

An innovative platform

Design with
a clear message

Crofton Moore, a real estate company on the rise, used its 15th anniversary as an occasion to make a strategic shift and completely redo its brand platform.

New logo,
new tools

The new logo takes its cue directly from a defining architectural element of the 5800 Saint-Denis building, where Crofton Moore installed its headquarters. The square shapes and colours capture the professionalism and confidence of the company.

Promoting a strong client services offering

The agency created a dynamic, contemporary-styled, structured brochure to showcase the company’s range of expertise. The graphic design echoes the architecture of the 5800 Saint-Denis building and logo.

Window dressing

To illustrate the activities and services future tenants can expect, SGM dressed the building’s ground-floor windows in Crofton Moore’s corporate identity, for a vibrant, dynamic and inviting look.