New identity

SGM gets a new identity

We’re an experienced brand that’s proven its worth. We’re also audacious and keen observers of new trends. We redefined who we are to broaden our perspectives here at home and abroad.

A new code

The tag “integrated communication” highlights SGM’s broad service offering that unites different disciplines and expertise under one roof in order to create impactful communications and initiatives that achieve results. The upper case treatment of the name expresses the brand’s strength while the typography and use of black and white provide a touch of elegance.

Full of colour

An explosive universe using background textures of urban snapshots and a collage of unexpected visuals. The graphic platform communicates the brand’s ambition to reinvent the shopping centre experience, transforming these sites into true incubators of emotion.

Unique expressions

A brand that unites the entire team around it, spoiling it with choice and allowing each employee to express their taste, their uniqueness, their personality.

Inviting discovery

The brand comes to life through different communication tools and creates a world that invites discovery. The unexpected, a clear and direct voice . . . elements that reach out and engage visitors.