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complexe desjardins

2019 Christmas Campaign

To help Complexe Desjardins reinvent the holiday shopping experience, we created Noël de Lëon. The initiative introduced shoppers to a team of holiday ambassadors, all cleverly named Lëon (Noël spelled backwards). These ambassadors helped customers with their purchases and guided them through the centre. In addition to standing by storefronts, the Lëons were also strategically situated near a giant light installation by Studio Artefact. They quickly became beacons of Complexe Desjardins’ holiday season!

Christmas pop-up boutique

Part of our holiday challenge was to introduce customers to the busy season’s many, many retail offerings. To do so, we created a magical pop-up boutique that could showcase a wide range of products available. Operating the pop-up was a staff of Lëons, Complexe Desjardins’ famous holiday ambassadors. The initiative proved so successful that many retailers quickly found themselves running out of stock.

Thanks to Lëon, Complexe Desjardins is now even more bustling throughout the holiday season!


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